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Hello! Te aven sare bahtale!!!

This is a blog of an ethnic Romani Gipsy journalist from Russia. Here I tell about life and history of all Gipsies of Russia but mainly about Roma (here also live Mugat, but they are immigrants), and mainly about Roma living in Moscow.

Some rules of this blog:

1. Be polite, please. Once more again: could you be polite, please?
2. If you "hate f*** gipsies", go to hate us in any other place. You won't be understood here, so there is no sence to write anything in comments.
3. And also f*** off and get away, please, if you think that's a good idea to declare or use some peoples' name as bad words.
4. I will answer you even if you're a nazi, if only you put a polite question with some sence.

And some facts about me.

1. I'm young, clever and beautyful. Really.
2. I'm well-known among Moscow Roma and Romanologists. Really.
3. I'm well-known among Russian bloggers (as "gipsylilya"). Really.
4. I have a daughter of 6, I'm married, my husband is a Romano Gipsy, too.
5. I don't think that Russians are "bad, wild and cruel". Don't simpathise me. Don't ask me how I survive.
6. I don't live in an ivory tower. I had a hard hungry poor childhood, I told fortune to earn money when a teenager, I know about crimes of Gipsies. Forget all those theories.
7. I'm not afraid that a non-Gypsy guest will make my house dirty. Forget that shit from the policeman Ken and Doctor House.
8. Yes, I got married when was seventeen. No, I wasn't bought.
9. "F*** me, my hedgehog" is not a sexual call. That's just a phrase from a Russian joke about a tied lion. "F*** me, my hedgehog, that's a long story". That's just something like "Oh my God!!!"
10. I'm natural blonde. Really.

YES! We've done it!

I want to invite you to the new Romani Gypsy web-journal, dedicated to traditional Gypsy performing culture. Very much photos, videos and mp3 records. Dances, songs and music.


Gypsy Bellydance

And a picture for you:

It was a really cold winter, I was sick all the time. I hate frosts.

Sima Zolotaryova

From Svenko Journal:

A lot of her shall be on the Svenko site, wait :)

Romani Gypsy Children, living in a village

In the middle is my daughter

And here, my daughter is dancing for her Russian friends in the village

An usual Romani family in a village near Tver, "Ruska Roma"

In Moscow, Romani women do not wear motley dresses, they use a lot of black colour and a little of other colours and their clothes are much more modern. Moscow Romani diaspora is the biggest in Russia.

Angela Batalova

I really love her.

Hello world!

I work really much as a dancer now, because this is the time of parties in Moscow. Few of my work pictures:

I think we need a professional photographer :)Collapse )

And this is me too :)